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14TH Annual Hesterville Golf Cart Poker Run

Saturday, October 12, 2019 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Entry Fee $10 per person

Sign up starts at 1:00 PM at the top of the hill


1.) The Sun Deck at the Point (Vivian)

2.) Log house of top of hill – 176 Hester Rd (Mike & Nancy Chapman)

3.) The Barn (Tom & Brenda Hurst)

4.) Hesterville (SSTT) Trailer #7 (Jay & Judy James)

5.) Freedom Point (Hesters Rd/Forest Rd) (Larry and Christa Shiver)

6.) Trailer Park (ERH) Lot #72 (Dave & Angie Bingham)

7.) Ky Lake Subdivision 526 Lake Dr (Rick & Tracy Blattner)

8.) Trailer Park (ERH) Lot 95 (Darren & Denise Bell)

9.) Hesterville (SSTT) Trailer #17 (Dennis & Lori Prater)

10.) Trailer Park (ERH) Lot #81 (Larry & Becky Timms)

11.) Trailer Park (ERH) Lot 145 (Kathy Goodson)

12.) Trailer Park (ERH) Lot 146 (Gary & Jane Timms)

13.) Hesterville (SSTT) Trailer #3 (Mike & Cindy Elledge)

14.) 265 Hesters Rd Joey’s Barage (Joe & Tori Welch)

15.) Hesterville (SSTT) Trailer #20 (Ray & Susan Lannan)

16.) Ky Lake Subdivision 403 Lake Dr (Brad & Janice Wagoner)

Debbie Kaempfer will also have prizes available for pets. It you have one of these, stop by Trailer #14 (SSTT).

Poker run will start at 2:00 PM. Carts will leave at 2:00 PM and may go in any order they desire. Everyone is to be back at the circle by 4:30 to check in.

Each person entered will pick up one envelope with a card in it at each stop. The envelopes are sealed and numbered for each stop. The envelopes have to remain sealed until check in for it to be used in your poker hand.

Regular poker rules apply except, since we have multiple decks, five of a kind beats a royal straight flush.

In the event of a tie (you may only use 5 cards for your poker hand), the parties may decide between themselves to divide the pot or draw a card for it. If the parties can not agree, the pot will be split.

Expenses - cards, envelopes, misc. – will be deducted from the pot prior to be awarded to the winner.


We have the Chili, bring Sides or Dessert

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