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Harry and Berlene Hester established the RV Park and Recreational and Vacation Use Park back in the 1970's. This lakeside community quickly became one of Kentucky Lake's best–kept secrets.

The Hesters managed a clean, well kept and friendly community for folks who love the lake, making new friends and enjoying all that the community has to offer.

Eventually, the Hester family sold the business to our family and we were delighted to have the opportunity to keep the business running in much the same manner as the Hesters. 

When you reach Hesters Road, you will notice a beautiful cherry tree with an engraved stone. This was planted in 2004 by Hesterville Property residents in honor and appreciation of Harry and Berelene Hester.

We currently have a waiting list, but each time we have a new resident or family member join the community they have quickly become part of the great Hesterville camping family!

— Janice and Brad

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